Time for A New Campaign?

There are as many reasons for creating a campaign as there are for not bothering at all. Budget restrictions can persuade you to rely more on creating new ad groups and leaving campaigns for another, more convenient, time. It’s understandable not to take on the work, but you do need to have campaigns designed to meet the needs of all your networks. Display, Search and Remarketing each have unique spending habits and performance data. They merit having campaigns and budgets all by themselves.

The best account you can develop is one in which all the campaigns and the ad groups mirror your website. The blueprint can contain campaigns for your top products and each campaign sub-category can have its own ad group. Campaign settings that justify having separate campaigns are going to include:

  1. Network
  2. Location
  3. Devices
  4. Language
  5. Budget
  6. Top Products
  7. Brand
  • Network

Enlarging your activity into different networks will be a primary reason to set up a new campaign. Search campaigns usually have spending limits and Display doesn’t have this kind of problem. Additionally, separate networks have their own statistics and you will want to view those separately.

  • Location

Separate campaigns will be necessary for different geographical areas. For example, if you happen to sell products to match the season, such as overcoats and boots, creating a campaign for these offering permits you to move your geography to colder states when winter comes roaring in. If you sold both used and new cars, having separate campaigns will enable you to control the range of focus since new car buyers will not drive as far as used car buyers when they are looking to make a purchase.

  • Devices

If you are intending to target by devices, you have good reason to create a campaign just for this activity. An enhanced campaign will remove your ability to concentrate on only mobile searchers. You can set lower default bids and then you can increase your device modifications by as much as 300%.

  • Language

It can be a shock to some, but not everyone speaks English or wants to. You need to respond to consumers in words they understand. Trying other languages such as Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, or French are legitimate reasons for creating a new campaign. This helps attract a brand-new group of buyers who have chosen a distinct language in the browser interface. These people may not know about your product offerings beforehand and are genuinely interested in the new items.

If you are going to focus on other languages, you will need to create ads that have the same words and phrases common in that foreign tongue. You can go one step further. If you have established a campaign with another language for the ads and with the appropriate keywords, you can target all languages for anyone searching in their native patois but whose browsers are set for English words.

  • Budget

The Budget is a critical factor in deciding whether to set up a new campaign. Budget limitations may require you to keep your campaigns to just a few, since the more you have created, the more you will need money to enable the campaigns to work.

  • Top Products

On the other hand, if budgets are not a problem, and you have 15 products but 5 happen to be your top sales producers, you may wish to allocate dedicated budgets to them. It means you can create campaigns for each of those top producers and keep the other 10 in one campaign only. That is not your only option.

It is possible to establish separate campaigns, so you can control spending on major products which are not top sales producers. A separate campaign allows you to continue showing these products, but at the same time dedicate a smaller amount of the monthly advertising budget.

  • Brand

You can set up a separate campaign for your brand name, and that is a smart decision. It will prevent the campaign from running out of money early in the day. You can also create campaigns which have branded and non-branded keywords

You decide what course of action to take but remember there are campaigns you must have to stay competitive and profitable. Too many campaigns will drain your coffers, but not having the right campaigns, will shrink your profit margin to nothing.

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