Take Advantage of the Social Users Flow Report

It’s a bad idea to ignore what happens after the click. A PPC manager does have a lot to do and sometimes the click activity is not very important. If an account has conversions as a primary activity, then post – click become something worth following. Google can help with the Social Users Flow Report found in Google Analytics, providing data on what is happening, which can be used to make improvements. This is how the Report can provide substantial insights for you.

  • Show Traffic Activity as It Comes from Various Social Channels

The Social Users Flow Report arranges where traffic is coming from in a top to bottom sequence, with the most traffic being at the top. You have an immediate understanding of where traffic is coming from in which social channel is providing the most clicks. You can go little bit deeper into the figures by selecting a given source and highlighting its traffic.

For example, highlighting the activity from Instagram permits a manager to see where visitors from Instagram landed while paying a visit to the website. Interactions can be noted, and you can discover what prompted a person to go to a given page. Further investigation can uncover those pages people are viewing in the order in which they are clicking on the various website pages. It is possible to analyze desktop and mobile traffic to get a better idea of what devices are producing optimal figures.

  • Closely Analyze Landing Pages for the CRO

It helps to analyze the landing pages as you look at the Users Flow Report. Valuable information such as what pages are working and where people are having trouble can give valuable insights into consumer activity on your web space. You have an opportunity to look at any trends that might be developing. That, in turn, will help in focusing CRO efforts.

You must keep in mind that any flow report will only display up to 100,000 sessions. It’s a smart idea to adjust the data ranges or risk having data sampled.

  • Know the Way of the Customer

That sounds like a lot of Zen, but it means you should have an idea of the path your customers are going to take to any conversion. An account manager must be aware of this because he or she is ultimately responsible for meeting goals. Your campaigns are going to improve the better you know if a conversion leads to a purchase or something else.

Google Analytics is very helpful, particularly as you look at customer paths moving from social media. If, for example, you wanted to know a customer’s purchase path that starts in Facebook, you would start by looking at Acquisition->Social->User Flow. Under Facebook, you would select “View Only This Segment” to discover the User Flow originating from Facebook. You can begin to analyze the landing pages and find out what pages the customer will be going to next. There is a default of three interactions, but by using “Step” it is possible to see up to eight interactions

  • Moving the Reports to Share

Statistics can be verbally shared, but the spoken word is not always easily remembered. It helps to have reports that are visually appealing and convey information accurately. A Users Flow Report is something that can be quickly adapted to a visual format that clients can easily understand.

The report can be exported to clients by use of PDF formats. This medium is one that conveys information immediately without any confusion. Best of all, the reader can quickly comprehend the message the report is attempting to provide.

Exporting this report is extremely easy. All it requires is clicking on the Export button and then choosing PDF for downloading the report. You are then able to communicate data with your manager, your work team, and the client.

Google Analytics allows you to go immediately into the Social Users Flow from the PDF document. You would click on the “Go to This Report” in the upper right-hand corner of the PDF. It opens the tab that shows the report. A good idea is to generate a separate report for every segment you’re working on. It allows for compare and contrast analysis.

The Social Users Flow Report allows you to do an even better analysis of activity. That is important because it permits you to make any necessary changes or redirect activity to produce even better results. Google Analytics provides a lot of tools to help an account manager succeed. It is to your benefit to make use of what Google offers.


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