Is Starting Over a Good Idea?

A pay per click account can be a real beast. You might be managing one that needs a little polishing up but you’re at a loss on what to do first. Moving forward is a priority, but the account might have a series of groups, campaigns, and keywords already in position. Where to begin making changes? It is hard to answer that question and make appropriate decisions.

It is a significant challenge compounded by time schedules. You need to have a PPC account that is generating positive figures, and there is little time for it just to stumble along. Fortunately, there are a few criteria points you can use to make decisions that will, in turn, rejuvenate the account and put it on the right track. Here is what you want to think about as you consider possibly making changes.

• Will It Be Easier to Judge Future Performance?

A primary reason for making any changes to an existing account is the ability to monitor performance with greater effectiveness. Getting better organized allows you to have a clear picture of the figures, and you will save time because the changes bring order to significant amounts of data. You are not looking all over the place to find answers to your questions.

You must be able to spot any problems or difficulties trending in the data immediately. As you look at contemplated changes, you must be satisfied that any enhancements will result in an ability to evaluate information better and make decisions based on reliable data.

• Will Any Changes Improve Account Administration?

An account can have many ad groups and campaigns in operation. Overlap can accidentally happen, and this makes it tough to manage things daily. All kinds of little quirks and problems will crop up such as nonperforming keywords or ones that counteract each other. Grammatical errors and misspellings are going to cause things to bog down and hamper efficiency.

All the little gremlins and pests in the woodwork can make you decide to ditch what you already have and start all over again. That is understandable but be sure that is the proper thing to do. You will be editing out those ad groups, keywords, and campaigns which are not producing and there is the possibility of better control and organization. This has the potential of allowing you to have a better focus on a possible search audience, and you will be able to make changes quickly. Any improvements must be worth the effort you will be expending. What is important is that any renovation to the structure ought to be able to save time and maximize performance over the long run.

• Will the Changes Stop Problems?

It is no surprise that any changes will affect performance somewhere in the account. You have probably experienced this anytime you change keywords. Sometimes, change can result in greater confusion than there was before. Starting all over again can eliminate the little-unseen glitches. It can also expose things that cause problems all along.

You cannot underestimate the cost of starting over again. It is not something that is going to be done in the matter of a few minutes; it will take days. Starting over is going to require an intensive audit of what you already have, and determining what is causing the problems. You can expect that considerable time and extensive effort will be necessary to start from scratch. Whether the account suffers during the transition is an unknown quantity. This is not something to enter into lightly.

One guiding factor should be the long-term benefit. Yes, there may be some cost involved in the short run, but the change might produce highly positive figures in the long term. Maintaining the status quo is not always the best solution. It may result in even more hard work later, with major time costs. A cost-benefit analysis of starting all over versus some fine tuning is the first step. By doing this, you can make a firm decision based on hard facts. You are then able to move with greater confidence as you make those changes necessary to bring the PPC account to a position where the design produces those figures which make everything a major success.

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