RLSA Makes Advertising Both More Effective and Profitable

Advertising campaign managers know everything about pay-per-click and the bidding on keywords. It is targeted advertising that can enable their advertisements to be displayed prominently on the first page of a query. Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) makes search ads even more profitable.

RLSA allows you to adjust the search ads in favor of previous visitors to the web page. Bids are decreased or increased for them. The message itself can be edited to match user activity better. If, for example, a user does a Google search, should that user be on a RLSA list, then he or she will see new advertisements that stick out. RLSA sounds so appealing, but many marketers are not using RLSA to their advantage. This reluctance deprives of the use of a great advertising tool. There are two ways to utilize RLSA to your advantage

  1. Start a New Campaign, Establish the Audience, and Use a Target and Bid Strategy.

Target and Bid direct Google to display your advertisements if the user is on your RLSA and has seen your pitch before. This opens some great opportunities for you.

  • Unique Landing Pages. You can create them based on your list and what the user did before. If a user visited your site’s coat area in the past, the landing page could show images or messages about the latest coat discounts.
  • Broad Terms Can Be Used. This can be risky, but if you decide to use RLSA, you will be able to reduce cost exposure. The targeted group has been to your website earlier, is familiar with you already, and that increases the possibility of conversions.
  • Geographic Targeting. The RLSA can focus on a given territory. If you know there are locations which convert higher than others; you can direct activity to those DMAs and throw in your RLSA. You end up with a productive area where your efforts will include a focused campaign.
  • Cost Reduction. Low-cost items might result in AdWords bids driving up the cost of the product. The RLSA permits you to reduce bids and, consequently, overall costs.
  • Better Reporting. Changes happen in any campaign and auditing an existing one can be tough. Creating a RLSA based campaign reduces reporting errors.
  • Bidding on the Competition. If a former visitor is now looking for what the competition has, you can reach out to that person while they are looking. All it requires is adding the previous site audience to a new campaign and make use of your competitor’s terms.
  • Brand Campaign Enhancement. You can establish two brand campaigns in which one excludes previous site visitors while the other includes those who have visited before. You are then able to find out which one has a better conversion rate. You can also reduce the prices, alter the message, or do an up-sale to previous visitors.

You should be careful, though. New campaigns which have an audience will restrict traffic and impact on the number of new visitors. There is a chance you might compete against your regular campaign keywords by selecting bid only. You can avoid this problem by choosing target and bid when you include duplicate campaigns. The other campaign should be a negative audience for the first campaign and includes identical keywords.  

  1. Include RLSA Audiences to a Current Campaign 

This is easy to do. You add a RLSA to a campaign already in progress and set a bid using identical keywords.

You don’t need to be concerned about keyword overlap. You are creating a custom bid for each audience, and that should not be complicated. You add a RLSA to a campaign already in progress and set a bid using identical keywords. Front-end metrics will start looking good, and even better if you exclude another group. Advertising costs are going to go down because you will not be bidding on generic terms. A remarketing list can be created from any source as far as Google Analytics is concerned. Visitors from emails, those who went to your site in the past, or any other source makes things easy. Remember, however, to track any front-end metric changes as you add to the audience. The folks from the RSLA will see the same ad as those who are new to your site.

 RLSA allows you to upsell former customers better, get more conversions and even coax more conversions out of a previous customer. There will be times when all you should do is increase the audience and change the bids. This is not a big problem. You ought to weigh the costs and benefits and keep in mind the unique characteristics of your client. Those reminders understood, RLSA can be a very useful tool.

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