Programmatic Advertising Can Be A Driving Force for PPC Efforts

There is a process to conversion. A consumer might journey across various mobile devices before they make a conversion decision. The funnel is not as tight as you might hope.

The process can include interactions and engagements before that payday conversion. Display is not something to forget about, despite knowing it possibly will not deliver immediate results. The reach of a display is enormous; good audience targeting is therefore more complex. Programmatic Advertising will help optimize any paid search program.

What is It?

A quick definition is that Programmatic Advertising uses automated technologies to buy, place and maximize your display advertising inventory efficiently. Here is an idea of what happens when an advertising manager starts to work closely with a programmatic vendor:

  1. The vendor will give that advertising manager a pixel to install on the manager’s website landing pages.
  2. The subsequent user behavior and the search intent data is gathered for analysis.
  3. Audience lists will be created automatically based on the data.
  4. The ads are placed appropriately.
  5. Results will be compiled, analyzed, and optimized afterward.

The Return on Your Investment

Programmatic Advertising will provide two significant benefits for you:

  • The data generated by Programmatic Advertising will give a better view of the customer. Obviously, that helps because the more you know about the customer, the greater the success will come from your paid search efforts;
  • You can focus more on strategic moves thanks to the additional time you now have because of Programmatic Advertising.

Most paid advertising concentrates on display. If you use technology to create, analyze and improve audiences, you will get better results and have enough time to concentrate on the forest (and, not the trees!)

Checking Out the Data

Data is the foundation of Programmatic Advertising. Advertisers focus on certain kinds of data and you should know what they are:

  • The First Party Data Group. The company will collect and own the information. Transactions, search query reports, lead form fills and any placement reports are in this group;
  • The Second Party Data Group. The company owns the data but will share it with another;
  • The Third Party Data Group. The figures are collected by another entity. The collection is routinely anonymous, collected from other places and sold to other platforms

Each has its own unique quality. You can construct similar audiences from the First Party Data Group, and you can develop a general audience cohort from the Third Party Data Group. The more you know about the data types, the more creative you will become.

Programmatic Advertising is the best way for you to optimize all the data groups. Its algorithm is employed to examine user intent and behaviors of the data will permit you to construct a highly targeted audience. Thus, you can turn huge quantities of statistics into the kind of targeted audiences you want to move paid searches ahead.

Ways to Best Use Programmatic Advertising

Here are some options for you to think about:

Getting New Customers. Third-party data can be shaped into identical audience lists that mirror first-party data which has already converted. These newly created audiences generate high conversion rates because they have characteristics of audiences who are now customers.

Market Research. Programmatic Advertising is excellent for analyzing demographics, customer behaviors, and brand appeal.

Benefits for Your PPC

Programmatic Advertising will make a positive impact because it will add new prospects to your conversion funnel. Top of the funnel display customers can be targeted, and they might be converted in the future through the paid search channel. It happens as Programmatic Advertising creates an initial awareness to enhance the targeting.

Approaching those potential customers will increase branded and non-branded search figures, and you can grow both PPC figures and conversion numbers, as well. Efforts to use AdWords and Bing Ads traffic and subsequent conversions will be more successful than the conventional means of account optimization.

PPC jumps ahead thanks to the value of the data supplied. Programmatic Advertising lets you know more about the customers: likes, dislikes, interests, gender, geographical location, etc. The information helps you better plan keyword buying and any ad messaging strategies. You can get a competitive advantage thanks to the programmatic data.

Programmatic Advertising lets you target new audiences which, in turn, will help enlarge the size of your reliable customer base. All the data can be employed to turn a prospect into a paying customer. Concentrating on developing audiences is always a better way to get those targeted consumers who will convert and make your business more profitable.

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