Mobile PPC Will Energize Your Conversion Figures

Let’s be honest: any PPC campaign that forgets about mobile devices is not going to do so well. Figures will come but in smaller amounts than stated goals. It sounds funny but not using apps that are less than ten years old condemns you to the Stone Age.

Mobile apps are the marketing tool for success today. The use of these small icons on tablets and phones is so widespread, that the revenue from mobile ads is expected to grow over 25% by 2020. Conversely, search ad revenue from desktops will continue to go down.

It only makes sense to move towards Mobile Pay-Per-Click (PPC). People who use mobile devices are practically addicted to their little contraptions, and advertisers are beginning to use Mobile PPC frequently. You do not want to lose the opportunity to increase your conversions with a proactive Mobile PPC campaign.

Okay, what is It?

You will use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to fire up your Mobile PPC activity. It is almost too simple. Someone who wants to buy the latest video game only has to type video games into their smartphone, and several mobile ads for what is on the market will appear.

Where will this all happen? Not on the desktop in the bedroom or study. No, it will happen on the smartphone or tablet everyone carries everywhere!

Think about this for a second. At any time or in any place a consumer has a whim for a thing, the ad is immediately accessible. This person doesn’t have to wait until he or she gets home. A click and a possible conversion can happen almost immediately. This convenience is the heart and soul of Mobile PPC.

Mobile Ad Extensions Can Boost Calls

Clicks are for desktops and tablets. Smartphones are also clickable but have another attraction: driving up pay per call conversions. You can add mobile call extensions to those PPC ads. It creates a connection to offline and online advertising by promoting click to call activity. Here is how it will work for you.

A busy consumer is driving to work and gets a flat tire. It is an emergency but not as serious as in days gone by, thanks to mobile ad extensions. The individual types emergency road repair into the smartphone web browser. Any road repair service with a mobile phone extension will permit this frantic driver to press the call button and get direct access to the real solution to a rush hour problem. The road repair service gets a click to call conversion in addition to some business. Both win.

Buy Buttons Will Increase Sales

Pinterest allows followers to press a ‘buy it’ button on a buyable pin to make a quick purchase. It is a popular item with Pinterest followers and you can take advantage of this. If a consumer sees a mobile ad that promotes a sale, a buy button permits that person to take immediate advantage of the opportunity. Accessibility and convenience join forces to increase sales profit figures.

You Ought to Use Best Practices for Your Mobile PPC Activity

A good addition to any Mobile PPC strategy are best practices. These give some high-quality guidelines and structure to your efforts. Here are a few you can think about using:

  • Mobile Landing Pages. They should be inviting and make a person want to look around. Mobile devices are small, and your text and ad images must be simple and easy to read;
  • Mobil Friendly Ad. You can’t use the same ads on mobile devices as you would on a desktop. As mentioned above, the size of the device might not allow it. Your ads should fit the screen of the device, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet. Be sure to test the images before you actively use them;
  • Time Targeting. You need to reach your customers by discovering the best time of the day or night they happen to use their mobile device. Target your Mobile campaign to operate in those desirable hours;
  • Optimize Your Activity. Don’t use exact match keywords when broad match will do the job. This is best because the broad match is more user-friendly. It also avoids problems with autocorrect and typo errors.

You can boost your conversions by optimizing a Mobile PPC campaign, making use of ad extensions, and designing mobile-friendly ads. The bottom line is that more conversions will mean more money.

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