How to Get the Best PPC Search Leads the Easy Way

If you are PPC account manager, you know how tough it is to get a spot on a search engine results page. You must secure location, preferably on the first page, because search engines are the place to look at services and products. These Internet sites are the first destination and the final stop for both business and customers. Securing a top organic ranking costs time and isn’t easy. Competition can make it an almost impossible dream. Lead generation is helped with PPC advertising, and marketing teams turn to PPC for assistance. If nothing else, this is a quick way to generate leads and secure a highly visible position with SERPS.

It sounds good so far, but there are some quirks. PPC advertising does not always produce top level leads and closing on these leads is not always guaranteed. A sizable majority of B2B marketers will admit that creating superior leads is the greatest problem encountered when working to create lead generation. There are some ideas on how you can get those top-notch leads from all your PPC efforts.

Location Targeting Should Be Emphasized at the Campaign Level of Your Efforts

Location matters just as in real estate. It is possible that location targeting in campaigns is all part of the account-based marketing strategy you have. However, if you want good PPC advertising, then you must know not only your audience but where it is they are conducting their Internet searches.

You have to be careful. If you concentrate too much on targeting, you will run the risk of bringing in a lot of clicks, and spending a lot of money, without resulting in those superior leads you need. Try building a campaign that is rifle focused on any locations from which the audience is searching. If you do that, you have a good chance of creating higher quality leads. It is not that difficult to do; just a little fine-tuning.

You can conduct research on sample companies that fall inside your verticals, deriving a list of their exact locations from your investigation. Your study can also help you identify both verticals and target segments for your company and the industry in which it competes. AdWords can be very helpful with its Radius Targeting feature. You can use this to construct campaigns that will show the PPC ads you create to those companies you would like to target in your campaign.

Use Mobile Devices

Another possibility is to consider mobile devices. These are no longer a fad when it comes to PPC marketing. Indeed, research suggests that nearly half of all paid search clicks will soon come from those iPhones and tablets you see people working with all the time.

You must keep in mind how quickly prospective customers react when they have a mobile device. They will not wait until they get home but will contact the business as soon as a Google search has been completed.

You can maximize the efficiency of mobile devices by taking steps to guarantee that any landing pages for PPC clicks are responsive to the mobile devices. Google call extensions can send enormous numbers of calls to your business. Take advantage of those extensions as you prepare a campaign. The phone calls themselves create phone leads that are better for creating revenue than any form submission. You would be tracking whatever telephone contacts your PPC campaign is generating. Call tracking software will help identify those leads and the revenue which are coming from phone contacts.

What is being suggested here in this article are not radical changes but more tinkering with the machine to get better results. Leads are essential for good figures and getting them doesn’t have to be an analytical nightmare. Essentially, you can use tools that are already available; just use them sensibly. Google extensions are there to drive traffic, and the Radius Targeting offered by AdWords can send the message out to the right places. Using what you have is going to produce the results you would like, and at a cost that won’t stretch the budget or force you to ask for additional funds. It doesn’t take rocket science to use the tools and you will discover rather quickly how effective these tips are in getting those leads you need.

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