Don’t Forget Quality Assurance

It is a big mistake to think of quality assurance as something to do now and again. Quality assurance is much more than generating and comparing interesting statistics. Quality assurance is a process that maintains the quality and efficiency of any PPC campaign. The parts of a campaign merit their own quality assurance considerations. As you begin a PPC initiative, you ought to be looking carefully at the following to assure the highest possible quality.

The PPC Campaign Settings

Your campaign is going to initially be set to standard delivery and Google is going to show the ads you have all day long. That sounds good, but it isn’t optimal; you don’t get as many impressions as you would like. A better idea would be to go from standard delivery to accelerated delivery and get higher traffic figures as a result.

Ad Rotation

Your Ad rotation should be indefinite if you are doing some ad copy testing.


This is always a campaign manager’s worst nightmare, but it is critical to success. Any budget you develop must be realistic. It cannot be too low, and, at the same time, it can’t be ridiculously high. Before you set that budget in stone, double check the figures and make sure there are no typos. You do not want to have a figure out of place or an extra number in your final decision.

The Network

Search partners ought to be enabled if you are going to have a search campaign. It allows you to have a better idea of the direction overall performance is going to take.


You may want to target the entire planet but that is not realistic. Your buying population is ordinarily in one location, and you must be sure that the targeted area is a part of your campaign. Be careful about this because it does happen that whole continents can be targeted when it isn’t necessary.

Those Keywords and Other Targeting Tools

The keywords you use must be relevant to the product or service you are seeking to showcase. It all must make sense or you’re wasting your time and money. Managers will do broad modifications of keywords and make a serious typo error. What I mean is they forget “+” in their order. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

Everyone is going to use embedded negatives. Your quality objective is to be sure that the implementation is accurate. Always keep in mind campaign level negatives you might have to include a later date. The shared negative list, which allows you to know the negatives other live campaigns are using, is a good thing to consult from time to time.


Whether it is in English compositions or PPC campaigns, typos are the worst mistakes and need to be avoided. Be careful about spell check because it sometimes makes an embarrassing mistake. You must be willing to eyeball your text, reading it to be sure that it is exactly what you want. Always test ads if you’re running more than one in an ad group.

Display Targeting

The settings you ought to pay close attention to are “bid only” and “target and bid”.

The Bids

Trust me, you will repent at leisure for any mistakes you make in haste on the bids. Ask yourself what bidding strategy should you use to get the best results? Do you have enough relevant keywords below your first page bid? You need to follow a prudent man philosophy when you place the bids. In other words, don’t set those bids at a sky-high level. That would not be prudent.

Don’t Forget Those URLs

Mistakes involving URLs can make you look stupid, and it is why you need to visit the landing page URL to be certain that traffic is directed to the right place. The best way to protect conversion rates, keeping them at acceptably high levels, is to check the URLs and be certain they are not broken.


Tracking codes should be on the URLs and double checked this with the client. It is going to save an awful lot of grief.

The secret to superior quality assurance is to double check things and never assume anything. There should not be any design mistakes when the campaign begins. It is understandable that problems will surface during the activity. However, those little errors can be corrected if there is an ongoing quality assurance. This is more than just something to do on a dull day. Quality assurance helps guarantee the success you want.

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