CRO and PPC Combined Improves Account Success

Account managers will deal with all types of procedures and tactics while providing client service. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Pay Per Click (PPC) are common and can be used either separately, or integrated into a comprehensive strategy. Testing the language employed in ads and landing pages is a way of using both and achieving greater efficiency.

The Words in the Pitch

Every marketing manager thinks about the message the buying public receives. CRO and PPC can be coordinated to test copy words and phrases. Investigating the text helps a manager uncover what copy best attracts the attention of a customer and generates desired conversions. A smart idea is to continue exploring by using an A/B test of the message on the landing page itself. This increases quality scores by developing better compatibility between the landing page and the ad. You also discover what is most appealing to the customer and can then use it on the landing page.

Testing on the Landing Page

You can start the whole process on the landing page if you wish, and use what you learn on the PPC account. It requires starting the A/B test on the landing page. You decide what copy you wish to test, or the appealing benefit of your product and/or service you want to look at closer. You conduct the test and transfer the results to the PPC account.

Testing the product benefit within the copy on the landing page allows you to observe how customers respond. It can result in a conversion and that possibility makes it worthwhile to include any new benefit in the ad copy as it draws the curious customer. Product benefits in the ad copy can also be used if you decide to A/B test language in the call to action button. It only requires you to line up the words in the call to action, and any image ads, to the landing page copy. You are able direct a person to conversion, and get rid of any confusion at the same time.

Concentrate on the Customer

You don’t need to stop here. You can also guarantee your PPC and CRO activities work together by focusing on the what the customer wants. Frankly, the intentions of a consumer ought to be center stage whether you are doing CRO analysis of your landing pages, or putting together a PPC campaign. If a consumer wants to buy snowshoes, he or she ought to see a pair right after clicking on a snowshoe ad. By taking a CRO approach you will consider ways to optimize those pages the consumers are being sent to by clicking on the ad. In this example, the snowshoes for sale need to be seen immediately after the ad is clicked.

You optimize by having both text and snowshoe image above the fold of the page. It may require reducing the size of the image or getting rid of some of the verbiage. Eliminating confusion is the obvious benefit. An image above the fold lets a person know he or she is landing on the right page for snowshoes.

Clues in the PPC Account

The PPC account can give valuable analysis clues. You can examine those landing pages where you are directing consumers. Are they being sent to the landing page when, instead, they ought to be directed to a particular product page? Are they encouraged to go to a page that has the product they want or a general page which includes other things?

Careful inspection will determine if a customer is following the proper guideposts along the way. Filtering a landing page so buyers can go directly to specific pages from the landing page gets rid of a step. This can also encourage a conversion since being sent to a general page might disinterest that same person, and cause the buyer to leave the site entirely.

CRO Managers and Account Managers perform tasks unique to their respective areas of expertise. Nevertheless, there are means to have both work in collaboration. The teamwork can provide benefit and profit to the PPC account, as well as generate a more cooperative spirit between two valued players. Integrating PPC and CRO permits better knowledge of those who will use the page, and create desirable rapport between both.

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