You Can Get Those Needed High Conversion Rates

No matter if you are using email marketing or paid search in reaching out to the public, your campaign must get the numbers. Your figures come from folks clicking on the landing page and convincing people to buy your product or decide to sign up for the offer you are making. Conversion rates are going to decide if your campaign is being successful. You can be sure that any number of experts have any number of ideas on how to get those conversion rates to increase. Here are some you consider. While these are primarily for PPC campaigns, you can still use them in other marketing efforts.

• Landing Pages That are Mobile Friendly

You are miles behind your competition if you do not recognize the importance of mobile devices. You need them because the consuming public is using iPhones and tablets to go shopping. It means more than just having good looking graphics. Understanding user behavior when it comes to mobile devices will help you succeed. You can construct a landing page that asks for only that information needed to identify the visitor as a lead prospect. It is better than having that person get bored with completing a long form and moving on before submitting it. You can also consider cross-device behavior. What it means is that the consumer will initiate a search on the tablet, and then finish it up on the smartphone (by the way, this is also known as multi-screening).

• Make a New Offer

It means swallowing your pride, but that is not a bad thing. If the offer you made initially is not drawing people, remember that it is not irrevocable. What you will be doing is regrouping and taking another look at the original offer. That first effort might not be worth anything to the prospects you are pursuing. Making a new offer, incidentally, may be the only thing you need to do. There is no reason to waste time on changing the landing page, and you concentrate on the new offer and the message instead. You can take a risk and offer what you once thought was an overly generous proposition. Sometimes what appears astounding is what draws the crowd. It is worth taking a chance if it appears the campaign is floundering. What your target audience values will create that perfect offer. Be sure that you understand what those people consider important.

• Try Old-School Tactics

Landing pages are great but might that be the only way to get those conversion rate figures heading north. You might want to consider direct contact with prospects, the way you used to do when you made direct calls to them. Google AdWords permits a call – only campaign.

It is breathtaking how easy it is. The visitor calls your office directly from the ad and does not go to an impersonal landing page. It permits an immediate contact with your business and happens when the consumer is shopping. Time is critical and the time spent on a call only campaign means you will spend quality time getting to know the prospect’s needs.

  • Remarket

It is an opportunity to reconnect with prospects. Remarketing also recognizes that people can change their mind about a purchase. Remarketing is a chance to get the conversation going one more time. All it takes is using cookies to tag a visitor, and then get back that person later on. It helps with brand awareness as well as creating more opportunities for conversion.

Conversion rates are the heart and soul of any successful Internet marketing campaign. They cannot be ignored. The return on investment in time and/or money can be fairly substantial even for small campaign. A major benefit is the ability to get in front of prospects and promote your brand.

Strategies mentioned above are options which merit your attention. No matter what you decide to do be sure that you have tested it before actively using it. One of the above may be just right for your campaign and another idea is a total flop. Never assume, be sure of what you are doing. Keep in mind that any opportunity to create higher conversion rates is at least worth looking at, and deserves serious thought.

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