Where You Can Get Great PPC Ads to Boost Figures

You cannot dismiss PPC advertising; this is one of the best weapons in your marketing arsenal. It doesn’t mean finding just any place to put your PPC ads. You would be wasting your money and effort to do that. Part of your marketing strategy is to determine where those all-important marketing pieces are to appear. Google AdWords is the default place for many marketers but it is not necessarily the best. In fact, when you look at your overall goals and objectives, Google AdWords might not be the greatest option. Here are some other places where you can buy the kind of PPC advertising your marketing needs.

  • Social Media

It is a combination of paid advertising and promoted posts. Social media PPC many times is content. There will be the obligatory call to action, and there will be a charge rendered for clicks on the CTA of the ad. The customer might be led to a landing page, or encouraged to download the app you have. Social media reach cannot be denied as billions of people have accounts on social media platforms. You have the opportunity to promote your product or services on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, and each one of these platforms permits you to reach out to various demographics. Some recent social media venues like Instagram or Snapchat are excellent for connecting with millennial customers.

  • Search Engines

These will include Yahoo and Bing as well as Google. Volume and variety are the main attractions. You can get access to an awful lot of traffic on any one of these major search engines. A word of caution is the price. Because there is such a great demand for advertising space, keywords can become expensive. It might be a good idea to hedge your bets with one of the other places mentioned in this article. Relying on search engines alone can break your budget.

  • Mobile Platforms and Apps

You cannot ignore either of these. Having ads on mobile platform means that consumers can check out your ad wherever they happen to be. The apps themselves can point to superior sales. In-app PPC advertising can be bought, allowing you to have ad space on an individual level or perhaps some network (Rovio and Zynga provide a chance to make use of their advertising services). Mobile is now much bigger than desktop, and you should not miss the chance. One suggestion is to be sure that any ad you have on a mobile device can be clearly seen. You are dealing with a screen that is much smaller than a desktop, and beta testing is going to be critical.

  • Advertising Networks

These go from contextual ads, all the way display ad spaces and include display networks as well as publisher networks. You are able to get your marketing piece on a number of websites. While Google is always a good possibility, AOL and Microsoft provide some opportunities. To get the best value for your money, there are alternative advertising networks that charge considerably less than the major players. It helps if what you are doing is looking for a niche market.

  • Individual Websites.

Specific websites may appeal to your targeted consumers and contacting these Internet platforms directly is an option. Don’t ignore the traffic they receive; some dating services have users in the millions. The same is true for many other entertainment and social life platforms. You may find that advertising on a given website is as effective as a network.

Now you have a cyber candy box of places to go buy those PPC ads, which is the best place for you? A suggestion is to not rely on one place only. You can use a test budget on any of the above locations to find out whether it’s worth your while. You must have an idea of where your customers may be found, and that requires some market research. Once you have decided, do not just set up and walk away. The best tactic is to optimize campaigns on a routine basis. Do not stay married to one location. If a given place is not delivering, do not hesitate to walk away from. There are other interesting opportunities for you to pursue.

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