You Can Generate Impressive Leads with a B2B PPC Campaign

We think of PPC campaigns as being primarily B2C tools but that is not always true. PPC can be effectively used as part of a B2B effort if used properly. You can maximize B2B sales if lead nurturing is part of the closing. This means you have to have a good lead to start, and a PPC campaign is going to be able to collect a fair amount of those. This is the difference between a B2C and B2B use of a PPC campaign: the latter seeks to build up an email list.

B2B sales cycles can be a little longer than ordinary. Buyers are going to be doing research and will be taking up content. If you understand that, you can help them with the research and the same time get their email address on your list. The email will enable the buyers to have better access to your content and give you some control over their activity.

The Top of the Funnel Isn’t the Only Place to Get Leads

It is at the top of the Funnel where the email addresses of a qualified lead are ordinarily found. It is not the only place, however. You can pick up those important leads all the way to the purchase itself. You simply have to determine at what point in the funnel you’re going to be doing serious collection. It does mean adjusting your activity to better fit the characteristics of a B2B.

Designing an effective PPC campaign requires pinpointing where in that buyer’s journey you will be targeting leads. Often times, the PPC campaign in a B2B environment will provide information in return for the email address. Wherever your target is in this buyer’s journey, the information you offer as to reflect that targets location in the process.

Moreover, the buying decision has to be thought about. Different purchasing situations will require different sets of players. It is up to you to identify those roles which the various actors are going to play in a given buying scenario.

Primary Qualities of a B2B PPC Campaign

A landing page and ad copy will be required. However, these cannot be centered on product or service. It is going to be content, and you will be starting your campaign effort with the content piece you select on an offer.

If you’ve done your research correctly, you have defined your target population, where they are located in that buying journey, and the roles they will be playing in any buying scenario that is linked to your service or product offer. You are able to determine the information a given individual is going to need, and this is a major part of your content marketing. Always remember that the content of a B2B PPC campaign has to convince the target population to give contact information. With that, you can design landing page, add copy, and adds that draw the curious.

Forms Are Important

A form is used to gather the information and a good one on the landing page will influence the conversion rate. But it comes to form design for a B2B PPC campaign, the greater value of your content will provide more context information. Another consideration is that if your target population is further on down the line buying process, you’ll want to gather more information. Additional information measures interest and helps in qualifying the leads you are gathering.

It will be important to test what provides the best results. It can mean that you are not only asking for an email address, which by itself has a high conversion rate, but additional information that can generate better quality in the lead.

Knowing where the target population is in that buyer’s journey is critical. Email addresses can be reaped at the top of the funnel. Bottom of the funnel leads are those ready to consider making a purchase.

PPC Campaigns need Positioning

Content with high conversions is an excellent place to position PPC campaign. A follow-up plan should be ready so you can reach out to anyone who responds to your campaign context. It is important to know ahead of time where you are going to be directing any leads you collect. A plan of action for the future activity, such as telephone calls, are going to allow your PPC campaign to be that much more profitable in your B2B efforts.

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